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Re: Flat file generation integrity ideas...

From: Mark Richard <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:48:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Unfortunately it is a trust issue...

Trust me when I say a file can get scrambled. I have seen it happen. In our wierdest scenario two received files appeared to be merged into a single file - on the source system they had two intact files, on our system 1.5 files merged into a single file and .5 of a file missing.

We could never replicate it, we had extensive testing on ftp processes, etc, all we know is that it happened and our validation techniques saw it and saved us a lot of greif.

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I do not see how the file can get "scrambled". You write it out ok.
The ftp is guaranteed.
So what is the problem.

I will go along with the suggestion to zip it. It saves on the ftp time and also gives you some protection.

Yechiel Adar

 I have to create packages that will generate several flat files of data  from tables that will be sent to other systems to be processed.

 I am looking for ideas on how to ensure data integrity in the flat files.

 For example, the expected record count is stored on the first line of the  file to ensure that the correct amount of records was received.

 The systems group is chartered to ensure the flat files are correctly  FTPed between systems, so that's covered.

 I just worry that if "somehow" a flat file is scrambled then the scrambled  data is loaded into the database, therefore corrupting it.

 At this phase, XML is not an option

 I keep thinking that some sort of CRC should be stored with each line in  the flat file. And then before the line is loaded into the database, the  CRC is compared against the generated CRC of the just read line. Has  anyone done anything like this? Any examples out there?

 Many TIA!!


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