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Re: Port usage?

From: Peter Gram <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:18:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>


Oracle is doing the normal ting : it is using port 1521 for calls to find the listener and then calling back on another port to spread the load over multiple port's. This is done a port has a limited queue to hold in- and out- coming messages. If you what to use Oracle listener and database behind a firewall by a sql*net proxy for the firewall and the firewall is then able to handle sql*net without problems.

Don wrote:

> Environment:
> Oracle 8.1.6
> AIX server behind a firewall
> db is accessed by a Windows application running on a IIS web server
> sitting outside the firewall
> db uses port 1521
> After a flurry of email between the Unix admin and the 4 software
> vendors concerned, all the fingers are now pointing at "that damn
> oracle database". The Unix admin is asking two questions:
> 1) what Oracle is doing with the four ports 20,000 - 20,003
> 2) can he shut them down?
> Any ideas are appreciated.

Peter Gram, Miracle A/S
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