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Re: Oracle Real Application Clusters

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 06:04:53 -0800
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Aye to that, but you'll need at least two, possibly three, identical clusters, not just one. One cluster for production and an identical cluster for QA/Test, and possibly one for development (though that last is often regarded as unnecessary). Skimping on the QA/Test environment is the leading edge of failure...

RAC itself requires additional DBA expertise as well as additional OS SysAdmin expertise for cluster hardware/OS, each of which costs more to obtain/maintain (either by hiring experienced/talented or training to build or both). Clustering is not a low-cost solution from any perspective...

RAC is a solution for certain specific high-availability and high-scaleability requirements (not including "data-center failure", a.k.a. disaster-recovery), so it's a good idea to be certain that you are planning a solution that meets your own specific requirements before proceeding. RAC should not be a high-level management decision -- it is a specific technical solution to meet specific technical requirements, which themselves should have been derived from the requirements of the business. There are several other possible H/A solutions in Oracle9i (i.e. physical standby, logical standby, advanced replication, OS failover solutions, RAC, etc), each of which addresses the same H/A problems in different ways with differing levels of complexity and cost.

  IMHO, the main requirement is that you have to have a system that needs to be up 24x7 on a cluster and your ability to fork enough money to Oracle and your server vendor (to get two identical machines) and your networking vendor (for redundant network connections).

  Rest everything is easy ...


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    Dear All,

    We are planning to implement ORAC for our application, can anybody tell me where to get good information on the system requirements for implementing the same.



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