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RE: services on windows?????

From: James Damiano <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 07:24:46 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Dear List,

I had a situation on a lone Windows/NT system a couple of years ago, where I had installed 8i and was testing a number of facilities prior to going online with an application. Since I wasn't familiar with NT, I played around a bit, the final step of which was to test recovery with a cold backup. So I did a "shutdown immediate" and took a cold backup of the database (while having left the Oracle services up). Frankly I didn't **purposely** leave the services up because it didn't enter my mind that I had to do so or not.

All I know is that when I blew away the existing database control, data, and log files, and restored them with the cold backup for a test of recovery, the database would not start back up. (I didn't note what the specific error messages were because I was in a big hurry at the time and could't mess around with it.) I DO know that I was stunned at this because on UNIX and Netware, I never had such a thing occur.

So, I rebuilt the database from scratch, reloaded, and then tried the recovery scenario again. This time I did the "shutdown immediate" and then shut down the Windows Oracle service for the database before doing the cold backup, took the backup, blew away the existing database, restored the cold backup database files, and restarted the database successfully without incident.

Having been in a hurry, maybe originally I did something illogical or idiotic which was the reason for my obtaining the results I did (when in reality it had nothing to do with Window services, I don't know.)

I always meant to go back and revisit that whole issue but haven't had the time or inclination I guess. Given what is being said in this discussion, I would like to do so in a methodical manner to see if I can get down to the fact of the matter.

Jim Damiano


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