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Re: Urgent problem with query in CBO Vs RBO

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 12:06:03 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> "Jamadagni, Rajendra" wrote:
> Okay ... so I have a query that works fine in RBO (8161). In CBO
> (9201) is returns wrong results (stats are recreated this AM). By
> adding a group by the CBO query returns the right data.
> Furthermore on CBO, the explain plan shows that Oracle is not even
> parsing the query completely. If drops off a huge EXISTS clause.
> Does anyone know what is going on? I have a sev 1 tar open and waiting
> for OWS to call me.
> Raj


  I understand your concern about the disappearing EXISTS but I think that it would be sensible to try to get the plan using different tools (plain old EXPLAIN followed by a query on PLAN_TABLE, set autotrace, tkprof ...) to be sure that the bug really is in the parser, and not in the output of the plan.
  Your 'adding a GROUP BY' leaves me a little suspicious. Are you sure that your query was correct (in the absolute sense) initially? I am asking the question because I remember one day somebody coming to me triumphantly saying 'I have found a big bug in Oracle' because a query which used to give the good result (not exactly the same as 'which was correct') was suddenly (after I think the addition of hints) miserably failing with a mysterious data conversion error. On closer inquiry, it appeared that a VARCHAR2 column was compared to a number, which, as most people who once asked themselves 'Why is Oracle *NOT* using my index ?' know, forces an implicit to_number() of the VARCHAR2 column. What happened is that this column mostly contained numbers represented as strings, but for a '***' or similar somewhere. With one execution plan, other criteria caused this row to be filtered out before the comparison on this very column. Not with the other execution plan. The GROUP BY sounds a bit like a DISTINCT to me, a convenient way to fix a missing join, or perhaps some hazardous play on ROWNUM or similar. Just my gut feeling.

HTH, Stephane Faroult
Oriole Software

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