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RE: Over Consumption of CPU ?

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 10:36:52 -0800
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NOTE - The Storage Box Continues to be the SAME . It has simply moved (UNPlugged ) from the previous SF6800 machine & Plugged (Attached) to the SF15K machine.

The back end storage box is :-

HP Storage Box Model = XP512
1 Volume only (RAID 5) exists across ALL the underlying Disks Total Number of Underlying Disks = 56
Veritas File System (VXFS) partitions Sit above the Volume (RAID 5)

Thus the hardware is a Hybrid Setup combining a SUN Machine with a HP Storage

ORACLE_HOME , Database Both Exist on the Storage Box.

The CPU Utilizations of BOTH APP & DB Server machines has Shot UP by 25 % .

Both APP & DB Server machines have identical configuration i.e. SF15K machines , while previously Both used to be SF6800 machines

Thanks indeed

P.S. Interpretations can be so different in English

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What's Oracle up to on this new box. Have you looked at the tuning options in Oracle, and particularly the tracing stuff to see what's happening? (ie sql_trace and tkprof).

It could be that you've got fragmented tables or indexes which is slowing the whole thing up, or even forgot to recreate an index when you moved the DB across.

Martin Hepworth
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> On Moving the Storage Box from a SF6800 machine to SF15000 machine CPU
> Consumption has Shot
> by 25 %
> Particulars :-
> Number of CPUs on SF6800 = 24 with 750 MHz Clock Speed
> Number of CPUs on SF15000 = 24 with 900 MHz Clock Speed
> Both %usr & %sys CPU Utilization components seem to have gone up
> Solaris 8
> Oracle (+ Some Stand-Alone 1 Off patches)
> Database Size 500 GB
> Nature of Application Database = Hybrid (Banking application)
> Number of Concurrent User processes = 2500
> Qs How may the Following problem be approached towards resolution ?
> Qs Is using truss Command to identify the Cause a Good approach ?
> Qs Are there any parameters / Switches which may given with the truss Command
> to get the % CPU consumed by the underlying system Calls ?
> Qs Are there any preferred parameters Specific to SF15000 ?
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