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Re: Replication

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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 09:24:17 -0800
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This is definitely possible with RMAN. The only hitch is that in case you use RMAN to write to disk, the same directory structure must exist on the target server. The workaround would be to create soft links. Also, in case, you are moving the datafiles to a different destination, then one needs to use the 'set newname' in RMAN. If you are looking for the fastest way to replicate a db, and $$ aint a problem, I would recommend BCV splits.

If you only plan to use it as a reporting database only, and periodic refreshes, why not use standby databases, instead of replication.


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How about:

Copy your database to the new server. This needs to be done in real time. I've done this a number of times by putting the database in hot backup mode, copying the datafiles to the new server.

Then when you're ready to switch, shutdown the old database, copy all archive logs generated during the backup to the new server.

Also, copy all unarchived redo logs to the new server as well. Open the new database, apply media recovery using all the archive logs you copied, as well as the unarchived redo logs.

Applying the redo logs from the old database allows you to open the database without 'RESETLOGS'.

This may be possible with RMAN, but I suspect the hot backup method is simpler.


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 10/14/2002 12:53 PM
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Thanks to all who replied.

The idea comes from the application manager. Because there is a new server for his application, we have to move the DB from the old server to the new one. Our original plan was by using RMAN's duplicate method which I've done for couple times and feel confident. By using this method, it will take about 4 hours downtime which the manager does not accept. He says by using the replicating, one hour downtime will be enough (who knows how he comes up this number?) And after the DB is cut over,
he is going to use the DB on the old server as reporting.

Robin wrote:
> Is this simply replicating data to another system read only?
> Replicated for what purpose? High Availability? Querying and
> Jared
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> 10/14/2002 06:58 AM
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> Hi all,
> Does anyone have the appropriate time on implementing replication for a
> newbe?
> I am given a time frame on doing the replication for 10 days which is
> including testing on test server and move to production. I've never done
> that before, now just start reading. This DB is about 30G on Oracle
> 8.1.7.
> Robin

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