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RE: RE: Double Take and Oracle

From: Bishop Lewis <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:34:47 -0800
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Eva - just checking - from their docs have you verified that the transactional applications option is selected on the optimisations screen? This seems the most likely omission - and are you also sure that you are including all necessary files in the selected copy?

Lewis Bishop

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Sent: 15 October 2002 16:09
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Thanks for the input so far. Double-Take works real time so the database is
never down. 
I also followed their setup direction to the letter. Problem on our site is
that this product is being used for SQL Server and Exchange (Appears to work
fine there, but Oracle is a beast of another color compared to these "Access
on Steroids" databases), management are insisting for the sake of conformity
that this must work. At ever attempted startup another file gives an error,
most frustrating of all is that there is almost no consistency to the
Denham Eva 
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Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 4:04 PM 
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    I can understand where Eva is coming from.  I had a demo of a similar 
product some time ago.  Their BIG selling point is that you have a
server and a backup that is close in time with your production server at

(or less) the cost of a hot standby.  Their reasoning is that you don't have
Oracle running on the standby and consequently don't have to pay Oracle a license fee for the second server since only one server is running at any point in time.  Logically their point is well taken.  Regrettably and understandably that is NOT Oracle's point of view. Dick Goulet -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: -- Author: Bishop Lewis INET: Fat City Network Services -- 858-538-5051 San Diego, California -- Mailing list and web hosting services --------------------------------------------------------------------- To REMOVE yourself from this mailing list, send an E-Mail message to: (note EXACT spelling of 'ListGuru') and in the message BODY, include a line containing: UNSUB ORACLE-L
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