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RE: stupid RMAN question

From: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:28:49 -0800
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"Unix SCRIPT command"? Never heard of it.


man script | col -b

Thanks! Learn something every day on this job.


SCRIPT(1) System General Commands Manual SCRIPT(1)

     script - make typescript of terminal session

     script [-a] [-f] [-q] [file]

     Script makes a typescript of everything printed on your terminal. It is

     useful for students who need a hardcopy record of an interactive session

     as proof of an assignment, as the typescript file can be printed out
     later with lpr(1).

     If the argument file is given, script saves all dialogue in file.  If 
     file name is given, the typescript is saved in the file typescript.


-a Append the output to file or typescript, retaining the prior
con­ tents.
-f Flush output after each write. This is nice for
telecooperation: One person does `mkfifo foo; script -f foo' and another can supervise real-time what is being done using `cat foo'.
-q Be quiet.
The script ends when the forked shell exits (a control-D to exit the Bourne shell (sh(1)), and exit, logout or control-d (if ignoreeof is not set) for the C-shell, csh(1)). Certain interactive commands, such as vi(1), create garbage in the type­ script file. Script works best with commands that do not manipulate the screen, the results are meant to emulate a hardcopy terminal. ENVIRONMENT The following environment variable is utilized by script: SHELL If the variable SHELL exists, the shell forked by script will be that shell. If SHELL is not set, the Bourne shell is assumed. (Most shells set this variable automatically). SEE ALSO csh(1) (for the history mechanism). HISTORY The script command appeared in 3.0BSD. BUGS Script places everything in the log file, including linefeeds and backspaces. This is not what the naive user expects. Linux July 30, 2000 Linux

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If you're on Unix, you can use the Unix SCRIPT command to write the terminal output to a file.
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Ok i've been thru all of the 817 docs multiple times, searched metalstink, read the chapters in backup/recovery 101 multiple times.  

Where in the heck is the "spool" command for rman?  

Can i only spool stuff(and its an either to a file or to the screen, not both?) using the log parameter when starting rman.  

if I've started rman with out the log parm, there is no way to open a spool file?  

I'm currently stuck on 817 rman if that makes a difference.  

thanks, joe  

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