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RE: CodeNotes for Oracle9i... Destress on the way home!

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:10:55 -0800
Message-ID: <>


See below is an email conversation that I had with the 'Goddess' in 2000 on the same subject. Those were the days when Goddesses had to sleep and de-stress on their way home

(Ducking as the Goddess takes out her six-shooter magic wand)


Reply from Rachel:

Geek! <G>

The concept you are thinking of exists in some form already -- e-books. PDA

sized computer that you can download a book into.

Destressing is important -- but more so is the nap I took on the train on my

way home tonight!


>From: <>
>Subject: RE: Using your commute time
>Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 08:41:26 +0800
> > I use the time to talk to the people I know on the train, or to read.
> > Fiction or otherwise. Others have their laptops, I see them
> > working with > them. Or they read the newspapers, or sleep.
>Granted, but the difference as against a push-technology such as a
>Radio station (which many people listen to while commuting) is that
>this is a pull-technology, i.e. optional availability. However, I do
>conceed to the need to decompress/destress/plan/communicate with
>others, energize, etc.
> > I think technical books need visual interfaces. For diagrams, tables
>Which brings me to my next brain-wave (or sizzled-brain-wave :) -
>Computers have drastically reduced in size while increasing in capacity
>and capability. However, the restraining factor has been (and will be)
>the size of the Input/Output area (i.e. Screen/Keyboard size) which
>cannot reduce below a threshold. What if someone discovers how to use a
>hologram to perform the same input/output? These hologram enabled PDA
>and Web based 'appliances' can shrink to the size of a plastic
>'smart-card'! Just project everything onto a virtual screen which can
>be virtually touched and pointed to, etc!! You could probably have your
>personal (private) view using special glasses if required. I wouldn't
>rule out something like this being made available within the next
>So far, I have only talked about the tech side of things here - there
>are many dangers and negative side effects to the personal and societal
>aspects. More of that later!
>Slightly crazy today, aren't I?


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