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Re: DROP DEVELOPER not working

From: Robert Eskridge <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 15:24:09 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Is the application coming from a client? If so, sniff the packets and look for his DROP. That should be pretty conclusive. You can see the packets in a SQL*Net trace by setting TRACE_LEVEL_CLIENT=16 in sqlnet.ora.

R> We have a developer here, installing a third party application, who claims
R> one of his "delete campaign" process is hanging. I looked at the wait
R> events, saw nothing, and asked him to politely to go look at the code.
R> After much analysys, the developer now complains, that Oracle is not
R> executing a drop table command at the end of the process, and hanging
R> there. He claims he can drop the table from SQLPLUS.

R> I asked him to rerun the process. I noticed no wait events for that session
R> in v$session_wait when he claims the process is hanging. I see no DROP
R> statements in the v$sqlarea. I did a 10046 trace, and the last statement in
R> the trace file is a select statement.  I looked at the sql addresses from
R> v$session, linked it to v$sqlarea and the sql_text shows the same select
R> statement as is seen in the trace file. I see no exclusive locks on the
R> said table. I conclude that the application is not sending a DROP statement
R> to Oracle for execution. He claims that cannot be the case. They have done
R> the same installation in a test environment and it worked fine. The jury
R> seems to be taking sides. I scream SOS. What more should I be doing? And
R> Does an Oracle 10046 trace write into the trace file after the statement R> has executed?

R> Thanks
R> Raj

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Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ:

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