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Re: rman fun :), nightmare and long

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 16:13:30 -0800
Message-ID: <>

John, i think the scenario here should be rare.

Restore from 2 backups ago, noarchivelogmode, open resetlogs since backup.

so we had to reset incarnation and it appears rman was confused because of the current control file and old datafiles.

joe wrote:

>The controlfile gets backed up automatically when you do a RMAN full backup.
>I have been having a debate this morning regarding a situation where we do
>weekly full backups using RMAN and and a daily RMAN "archivelog all delete
>I contend we should do a "archivelog all delete input INCLUDING
>controlfile". My colleague states that this is only of value for when all
>controlfiles are lost. (which we both agree is highly unlikely but
>I am asured that if we had no controlfile available we could "restore
>controlfile" and it would go back to the copy it has which could be 1 week
>old and then roll forward (after calling restore database). RMAN would apply
>any changes necessary (of which there would be none in this scenario) and
>create an updated copy of the current controlfile)
>So Joe, you only needed a copy of the control file because of the scenario
>you were running and you would not need to take a specific copy in the
>normal run of events? Is my understanding correct?. I know that no
>recovery/DR scenario can be considered normal but I am particularly
>interested if any situation where we need to recover from the last backup
>either a full database to a SCN or point in time or recover a single
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>Sent: 04 October 2002 12:58
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>Connor, my problem(fault) was I didnt make a copy of the control
>file(and in 8.1.7, you don't get it backed up by default like in 9i,

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