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RE: anydata datatype update help

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 08:05:12 -0800
Message-ID: <>

 ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)


  First time I hear about the ANYDATA type but I like to share my ignorance and I guess it must be something akin to a C 'void *' - ie a pointer to 'something'. To bind properly, Oracle needs two things : a) a pointer to the start of the memory area b) something to tell how big this memory area is. Either it's a 'well known' type, or you must use an end marker (typically, a '0' with character strings), or you must explicitly give a size.

IMHO Oracle blows up because b) is missing. If you can insert, there must be some way of telling it how large the variable is. I can't see why it would be specific to an update (except if the PL/SQL engine is buggy, which obviously it is, but even more so than appears to the eye). Are you sure that there is not some obscure new function ... ?

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>From: Rachel Carmichael <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
>Sent: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 05:33:23
>the subject line pretty much describes it.
>, Solaris 2.8
>We are using the ANYDATA datatype and while we have
>no problems with
>insert or select or delete, the process blows up
>(ora-7445, coredump)
>when we try to update the ANYDATA column. Within a
>PL/SQL process,
>using aliased tablenames and bind variables for all
>UPDATE MI.T_IN03_ObjPrpty
> SET IN03_Value_AD = :b7
> ,IN03_Seq_NO = :b6
> ,RF01_Publisher_KY = :b5
> ,IN03_Amend_DT = :b4
> ,RF02_Status_KY = :b3
> ,IN03_Status_DT = :b2
> WHERE IN03_ObjPrpty_KY = :b1
>IN03_Value_AD is the ANYDATA column. Statement
>works fine if we remove
>that column. Statement blows up if we remove all
>OTHER columns or if we
>run it as is.
>We've posted an iTAR and are waiting. I've searched
>MetaLink and the
>docs. Nothing useful.
>But the search of the docs left me with a suspicion
>that you can't
>update an ANYDATA column.
>Has anyone either successfully updated an ANYDATA
>column or found
>documentation somewhere that says you can't?
>this is stopping development on a critical system.
>I'm not the primary
>DBA on it, but the consultant DBA doesn't have
>access to MetaLink and
>isn't on this list so I'm helping out.
>Suggestions? Worst case I suppose we could delete
>the original row and
>insert the new one but that's kludgy and messy and
>an additional
>performance hit on a system that needs to "fly like
>the wind". I'd
>rather fix this properly... of course Oracle is
>capable of saying that
>the delete and insert IS the workaround and/or
>standard procedure for


Stephane Faroult

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