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Re: Performance monitoring

From: Greg Moore <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 13:18:22 -0800
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The ten most important performance items to monitor are your ten most important business transactions. Period, end of story.

If you want to provide an intelligent response, monitor how long they take and provide a weekly report, noting any changes.

Ratios and wait events are just diagnostic tools -- when business transactions become slow you use them to find where the problem is.

Anyone who asks you to monitor ten internal things, such as ratios or wait events, and no more than just ten because they only want the ten most important, is simply uneducated and unexperienced, since these things are of no importantance if the system is running fast enough for the users, and besides there are way more than ten important things like this. However, they may also be very smart, since a good manager may be wise to start by getting a handle on the ten most important things.

Probably, you want to be taking statspack snapshots every hour just to have a baseline, so just DO THAT and give the statspack report to the manager once a week -- and make them happy by picking out ten items you consider important and running a yellow highlighter over them. Have a cover page that compares the current value of the ten items with the same items four weeks ago -- so you are monitoring them. That's fast, easy and smart, it makes your manager happy and you'll have your eye on the ball too.

But don't forget that the most important thing to monitor is reality. Your coolest move is to have the manager pull the users into a meeting and get them to identify the ten business transactions that are most important to them. Find out if any are too slow. Find out if anything is too slow. Monitor that. Tune that.


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