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Oracle D.B.A. required in M.A.

From: <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 07:50:10 -0800
Message-ID: <>

In my company, we require Oracle D.B.A. to maintain development and production Oracle databases. This is a permanent position. Our compnay is 24 yrs. old company.

Our company is situated on Route 128 in M.A.

We require the candidate urgently. If interested, please send your resumes within the next two days to the following e-mail:

Following are the details for the job:

Our environment: Solaris 7 and solaris 8.

Databases versions: 804,,

OLTP databases and datawarehouse.

Veritas File System.

Middleware: Tuxedo and MQ series

Quest, DataMirror - Replication products

Apps: WebLogic

Following is the skill set for the candidate:

Following are essential requirements for an Oracle DBA.

  1. Must have worked as Oracle developer at least 3 years.
  2. Must have been working as Oracle DBA at least for the last 3 years in a PRODUCTION environment in 8i. (We don't want development DBA's).
  3. Must have excellent knowledge in installing Oracle software and its products. Must have installed patches in his earlier job.
  4. Thorough knowledge in Backup and Recovery procedures. Must be able to solve scenarios during the interview.
  5. Good knowlege in Oracle tuning process. Must be able to solve scenarios during the interview.
  6. Must have good knowledge in running various statistical packages like STATSPACK.
  7. Excellent knowledge in shell programming and understanding of awk and sed usage.
  8. Must be very familiar with Solaris 7 and higher versions. Must have general understanding of tuning/performance processes involved on Unix level. Should be able to give us various scenarious he/she faced during his career in tuning.
  9. Must have good understanding of PL/SQL, SQL.
  10. Must be familiar with OMS and its tools.
  11. Must have thorough understanding of RAID concepts and its use in Oracle. And good knowledge on Oracle OFA methodology - -- This is must.
  12. Must have good knowledge on normalization techniques.
  13. Must be familiar with Oracle Standby databases and their running. -- This is essential.
  14. Good communication skills and team work.

Optional but would have weightage:

  1. Oracle 9i knowledge
  2. Oracle RAC environment experience.
  3. Datawarehous knowledge and issues involved in setting up production datawarehouses
  4. Understanding of Veritas
  5. Knowledge about design tools like Oracle Designer/ERwin
  6. Knowledge about Quest
  7. Knowledge about DataMirror
  8. General understanding of WebLogic
  9. Understanding Tuxedo or MQM
  10. Knowledge in C programing.



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