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Re: Question about database and service name

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Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 10:35:14 -0800
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Mr. Estevez:

The service names are defined in the init.ora using the service_names parameter. You can have several names separated by commas and white space to represent service names. The Listener can listen for a specific service name if you list it in the listener.ora file. Oracle8, 8i and 9i databases are self registering with the listener so the listener will be aware of what name(s) the database will answer to. To uniquely identify a database instance you can use the four parameters of db_name, db_domain, instance_name and service_names in the init.ora file. By default , the service name is the db_name and the db_domain combined. The db_name has traditionally been equal to the SID. The instance name can be longer and more meaningful, especially if you are running in parallel server mode.

I hope this clears this up somewhat. Check the Oracle9i Database Reference
(A96536-01) or the Oracle8i equivalent.

RWB "Ramon E. Estevez" <> on 09/05/2002 11:38:26 AM

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Hi list,

Reading the OU manuals Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals II , in chapter 2 page 12, found

1-) An oracle database is represented to clients as a service.

2-) A database can have one or more services associated with it.

3-) A database can be presented as multiple services and a service can be implemented as multiple database

For the No. 2 :
      I interpret that I can have 2 or 3 or 4 services for just ONE DB. Is that correct ?.  How can I do that ?

For the No. 3:
      I interpret that I can refer to the same DB with differents names.

As far as I understand, the DB instance name is unique, it can't be changed.  So how can I create several services names for one DB.

Or is just a trick in the TNSNAMES.ORA and LISTENER.ORA files.

Please can anyone give some light in that, I am totally confused !!!

Ramon E. Estevez

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