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Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 06:08:24 -0800
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To all,

    I don't often complain about vendors, but this is what I call exceptional case. I've no idea who the individual (not really the word I want to use) is, but he came right out of the clear blue claiming to know who I was. OK, so I went to their web site & took a look at what they offer & was not interested for a bunch of good reasons. What does this damned person do, finds my CIO & sends him the attached spam message.

    Beware, this firm senware is on the top of mt trash pile.

Dick Goulet

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Date:       8/21/2002 8:45 AM

Jack - I am forwarding this to the folks here who may be interested...


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Author: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?Jack_Wachtler?=" <>
Date:       8/20/02 7:05 AM

Hi Douglas,

I sent you an email a couple weeks ago about getting someone at Vicor to review our product. We have a few open slots left in our upcoming webcasts (info below). Who would be the right person to attend?

To refresh your memory, our product, AutoDBA, can save you money, effort, and hassle. It gives your Oracle database people tremendous leverage and efficiency, by automating all of the preventative maintenance your databases need.

AutoDBA lets DBAs accomplish twice as much as they're doing now: storage management, performance tuning, downtime avoidance, etc. More info at

Our web-based product demos are short and informative, feature and technology oriented rather than sales oriented. Please forward this email to whomever at Vicor you think would be interested, or reply and point me in the right direction.

Again, thanks in advance.

Here's the information on the webcasts:

Dates: Wednesday, Aug. 21 and Wednesday Aug. 28 Time: 12:30 PDT (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern)


     Go to
     Click on "Participant Login"
     For Event Name, enter dba7924385
     For audio, dial 1-888-693-8686
     Enter audio ID 7924385

If you're interested, please reply back so I can reserve a spot for you. Questions are welcome. We can even do a custom savings analysis for your organization.


Jack Wachtler
Senware, Inc.
303-279-7626 x24

P.S. Final thought: AutoDBA is definitely worth a look if you use Oracle. It monitors the DB and detects future problem areas, then generates custom scripts to fix problems and manage the database. The scripts are executed in a safe, intelligent fashion, subject to your control, via a smart and simple user interface. For more info, drop me a line. Thanks.


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