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Silk Performer can't see packets from SNMP and OEM's Intelligent Agent

From: <>
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 06:48:29 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Anybody done this out there?

One of our QA testers is using the third party vendor tool Silk Performer to do some performance monitoring. She wants to grab some information sent by either Oracle's OEM Intelligent Agent or by SNMP. She wants to grab info generated by OEM using her Silk Performer GUI. We see the MIBs and the object names but when she grabs them, they say object not found.

I've read through and implemented the steps as outlined in the OEM configuration manual, the Intelligent Agent Installation and Configuration section of Oracle's manual, and Configuring SNMP for Oracle section of Oracle SNMP Support Reference Guide. I have also recieved and implemented the steps shown in Note 94313.1 (sent me by Oracle support) - How to Configure the Intelligent Agent with SNMP on Sun Solaris 2.6. Specifically, I am configuring and running start_peer -a and agentctl start agent.

No joy. The tester doesn't see anything passing through either port 161 or 1161. Neither ports seem to be seeing any traffice per our Unix admin who is using snoop.

Does anyone have any experience confinguring SNMP to run with Silk Performer? I have the following questions which I am waiting for the vendor to answer:

     Does the target database to be monitored need to be the same Oracle version as the OEM repository database and the OEM intelligent agent?

     Our target database is 8.1.5 and our OEM repository database and Intelligent Agent are 9.2.0.

     Do we have to configure the events for the target database to be monitored within OEM GUI in order for her to be able to grab them or are they just out there and available to be grabbed?

     When she starts up her GUI, does she want to enter port 161 or port 1161 in her first pop-up window? There seems to be some confusion about which port Oracle's SNMP process is using and which port the unix SNMP process is using. Unix is supposed to get 161 by default but the fine print in the config files of Oracle SNMP say that the Oracle SNMP process should redirect Unix SNMP process to 1161 and then start using 161 itself. Seems like Silk Performer is expecting Oracle to use 161 but some of the documentation says Oracle is using 1161. We've tried the Silk Performer tool pointing to both ports but no luck getting the Oracle monitoring data.

     What is the best way to debug this problem? Does Silk Performer have any log files?

Any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Unix Sun Solaris 2.6

Target database 8.1.5
OEMREP database 9.2.0
Intelligent Agent 9.2.0


Cherie Machler
Oracle DBA
Gelco Information Network


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