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RE: Shutdown Abort Damages Database!

From: Straub, Dan <>
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 14:15:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> oracle>uptime
> 10:47AM up 157 days, 8:04, 3 users, load average: 1.30, 1.18,
> 157 days up and you want me to reboot! Never.

I not sure why there seems to be this macho thing about how long your system has been up without a reboot. In my experience, ANY system should be rebooted at least once a month just to 'clean things up'.

Day before yesterday, I had a problem on one of our in-house development systems where a log switch would hang because a checkpoint had not finished with the previous logs (they were still ACTIVE). Sometimes an 'alter system checkpoint' would take care of them, sometimes not. If it did work, it would only do log switches until all were either ACTIVE or CURRENT again. Tried restarting the instance a couple of times. Still no go. I was getting ready to just completely drop the db (assuming that I had a corrupt redo log or somesuch) and restore from previous nights export, but decided to check the other instances on the box to see if they were having the same problem. Sure enough, they were.

Reboot cleaned it all up. No restore necessary. I suppose that if I was a unix SA, I may have delved more into the unix side of things to try and find out what went wrong....

Dan Straub
McKesson Information Solutions
4403'N 12305'W (or thereabouts)
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Author: Straub, Dan

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