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Re: 11i installation ???

From: James J. Morrow <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:44:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Leslie Lu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I purchased the Oracle 11i Release 5 (with 11.5.6
> family packs) CD pack for Windows from Oracle online
> store.
> My first installed (Win2000) run out of space, and I
> cleaned the folders manually. When I got more space
> and installed again, I got:
> not all the dependencies for the component OEM common
> files are found. Missing component
> Oracle.swd.jre
> Looks like the manually cleanup didn't go well. What
> should I do now?
> Also, how long does the install take? One guy told me
> to install one product/one db at a time. Is this a
> good idea? Is demo db enough? Are there any Oracle
> 11i group/email list? I know, lots of questions. :-)
> Thanks!
> Leslie

Bear in mind that Oracle Applications 11i has certain dependencies that are specific to the M$FT Windows NT/2000 platform. Most notably: Visual C++ 6.0 and MKS Toolkit (both of which are additional cost items, totalling between $600-$1000).

There are several documents on metalink you may want to look at if you've had a failed install (on Windows... similar docs exist for Unix):

  DocID: 137200.1 "Checklist when OUI Fails for Windows"   DocID: 143976.1 "How to clean up a failed install of OA 11.5 on an NT Platform"

As far as how long the install takes:

  On Unix, once you've built your staging area, it can take upwards of 2-3 hours to do a full install of the VIS demo instance. Mostly determined by the speed of your system (CPUs/Memory/Disk).

  On NT, it can take a bit longer. Especially if you factor in the additional time required to install the prerequisites. (MS Visual C++, MKS Toolkit, GNUMake). And, of course, there are at least 5 reboots involved... (More if you're into patching things current...)

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