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RE: Slightly OT: Chart generation tool for db monitoring scripts

From: Post, Ethan <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:18:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I use to put out a PL/SQL package the creates the MRTG configuration file and also allows you to define all the things you want to track in a table. It also uses UTL_FILE to hand the info off to MRTG. I still have it lying around someplace. I have since written my own PL/SQL package and schema that does this all for me. The nice thing about MRTG is that it takes your metrics and rolls them up into weekly, monthly and yearly charts. I incorporated this feature in my own package so it doesn't take a lot of space. I am sorry I can't share my current tool but I might be able to post the old tool and you can peruse the somewhat buggy cold. It worked but I found it too weighty to manage and this can all be done inside the database. See the following link for yet another old rendition of this type of tool.

I use MS Access to print and display my charts but you could use whatever you wanted since all the data is stored in Oracle. I can also stuff OS performance values in it as well as application specifics (i.e. sales orders per day etc..).

There is a slight chance I can find an old access program I wrote which also does all this but it is client based. It was actually very cool, will make me sad if I can't find a copy. It had an interface very much like this one

Anyway, if someone is actually serious about trying to build something I will be happy to offer advice. One reason I gave up working on the tool is no one really seemed to care to much about it :( poor me.


Ethan Post
perotdba (AIM), epost1 (Yahoo)

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I still think MRTG is an option, although I'm sure there are other better ones, like gnuplot that someone else mentioned.



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