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RE: Install Oracle 8i on Windows XP?

From: Michael Kline <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 19:33:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> > There are a lot of
> > stable production windows server systems. Not as good Unix,
> > but it doesn't have to be.
> Oh, there are? I've also heard that legend, but after having an
> Exchange server down
> last week for almost a day, I stopped believing it. Moreover, for the
> database server,
> it DOES HAVE to be as good and as stable as possible. I can live with
> rebooting
> a desktop machine twice a day, but if that happens to the database
> server, I'm in
> trouble. That is why my company is using 4-way HP 9000/N cluster. NT
> simply doesn't
> cut it.

I've had several Windows NT and 2000 servers that will run Oracle for months, but Linux is quite good as well.

I remember once while testing software, I had to "busy" a version 8 database, then use the software(DB Scope) to look over the database and tell me what was wrong. I got it busy inserting records, dropping records, doing full table scans in a script that just kept repeating itself.

Well a few months later I had a revision to the software and had to look at a Version 8 database again... I found the I/O in the billions and couldn't figure out why.

The Linux box had been running at 99% CPU running my script for 2-3 months doing that test on Oracle 8, running our backup DNS, and backup Email server and no one even knew the box was that busy... Yet, our super powerful Exchange Server was down usually 1-2 times a week and was probably 3-5 times faster with twin processors.

Usually when management sees a Windows database server and tries to "add" something to it, that's when you really start having problems. Keep it "plain" and it will do much better.

I just found 99% cpu for 3 months very impressive.


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