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Re: Install Oracle 8i on Windows XP?

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 17:03:19 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On 2002.07.27 19:58 Eric D. Pierce wrote:
> Silly masturbatory bigotry. I suppose you think it is a good
> thing to drive all the NT people to using SQL Server by acting
> like a typical snobby *sshole Unix DBA?

If someone wants to use SQL*Server, he'll do it. Oracle is too big and too
expensive for a small corner shop. MySQL and PostGres are even greater danger to both of them. Incidentally, I expect Oracle Corp. to bring prices
down soon. Very soon. As for the "snobby *sshole Unix DBA", yes, I am a Unix
guy, I used to be a VMS guy, but Micros*t operating systems simply do not satisfy
my stability and adaptability criteria. Believe it or not, it's the pricing that
drives business decision, not a preference toward some specially likable OS. If Oracle
doesn't bring prices down, people will be using SQL*Server on NT, one way or another.

> If the guys asking the question wanted to learn Linsux they
> would have.

Well, if you want an operating systems that any idiot can use, than idiots
will use it. That particularly applies to Windoze. The guys should know that, whoever the guys might be.

> Linsux desktop is still sucky.

It is? Depends on what you mean by "sucky". That doesn't sound like a particularly well
defined criteria. I like my home environment (SuSE 8.0) far better then my office environment
(Windoze 2000). I, for one, think that windoze sucks.

> There are a lot of
> stable production windows server systems. Not as good Unix,
> but it doesn't have to be.

Oh, there are? I've also heard that legend, but after having an Exchange server down
last week for almost a day, I stopped believing it. Moreover, for the database server,
it DOES HAVE to be as good and as stable as possible. I can live with rebooting
a desktop machine twice a day, but if that happens to the database server, I'm in
trouble. That is why my company is using 4-way HP 9000/N cluster. NT simply doesn't
cut it.

> Here is the main problem with MS: in order to sell product
> (new operating systems), they have to sell it on new systems.
> So in order to get people to buy new systems, they have to add
> bloat (er... "features").
> .NET is full of bloat (Palladium, etc.), but if MS' marketing
> people succeed in convincing the market that .NET is easier
> than java and open source, they will "win".

Microsoft is, legally, a monopolly, which still has to be regulated. The legal remedies are still in the process. Winning over Java and open source in the usual Microsoft way will probably not be possible. The "MS way"
means strongarming PC dealers and threatenning clients to revoke licenses if
they deploy a "hostile OS".

Mladen Gogala
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