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script related query

From: Shishir Kumar Mishra <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 03:18:19 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi all !

 I am a Delphi programmer. In our application we can modifying the design of reports at run time, we can put controls etc at run time. Now when we saved the report the setting of controls (including datawareness of controls) is saved as CLOB field in database. Next time when report section is loaded in my application all the settings for controls are read from database(clob field).  

Now the problem is that I want to write the script which will contain the data of my database and will populate the database of our client so that report can be generated there also. Basically the script should have data from the table where controls setting are saved. Now I want when my clients run the script it should copy those data in their data base. If record with same id is already there then it should not overwrite rather a new id should be generated and data should get copied. The reporting tool i am using is Report Builder (I guess which has no significance with this problem).

Any idea :(

Thanks in advance ...
Shishir Kumar Mishra
Agni Software (P) Ltd.

Vidya Dadaati Viniyam


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Author: Shishir Kumar Mishra

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