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Re: where should i start to learn to become a DBA?

From: Suhen Pather <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 23:43:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>


Welcome. Being a DBA is not rocket science neither is it childs play. Reading, testing, experimenting on a dev instance is the way to go.

We all started out at some point like you.

We all do it and will continue to do so cos: we tend to forget,
newer versions/ patches come out,
diferent books and papers have different useful ideas,

My advice is dont try to grasp too much too quickly although we all like to do that sometimes. Read and understand what you doing properly before you advance to the next chapter. And start with the B A S I C S.

I would not sugest to u buying any books or taking any courses right away. Learn on your own first and then take courses later so u have a more clearer picture when u take the classes.

A good place to start is the Oracle Concepts Guide and then move on to the Oracle Administrators Guide. Also ask questions to clear any doubts.

Just my thoughts. Let see what the others have to say.


On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:53, you wrote:
> Hi DBAs!
> I'm working as a System Programmer for only one year.
> And i'm interested to Oracle, wish to become DBA like you guys.
> I did read some Oracle reference books, searching the web to find more
> about Oracle,
> and of course, here in this list, reading you guys' experiences for
> already few months.
> I've keep trying to learn the Oracle by myself(good or bad?).
> When face problems, trying to play around myself here and there in
> Oracle,
> RTFM, FAQs...anything that can find the similar problem.
> To be honest, i don't think i learn much.
> Maybe it's because i don't know the proper way to learn it.
> Well...i don't read books page by page,
> i only read those i'm curious at the beginning.
> But i feel i'm getting confusing. I don't know whether i'm going in the
> correct way.
> It's so many times that i have to reinstall the Oracle.
> ('Cos i dun know how to make it running again, a lot of errors.)
> So, can you guys give me some advices of
> which section should i start as a beginner?
> What's the next? and so on...and so on...
> Or any links to point to?
> mm...I'm playing with Oracle 8.1.6 in Win2000 on my PC.
> around with Oracle 8.0.5 on Linux(Which is corporate DB
> Server, shh...)
> Thanks for any advices.
> Have a nice day!

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