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RE: MUST read Oracle Architecture - Abrief Intro

From: Grant Allen <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:13:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

John Weatherman[] wrote:
> >In general, I agree with the majority opinion that seems to be saying
> that
> >Oracle chugs along
> >perfectly happy when the date changes. Time based recovery might have
> some
> >issues, so I'd
> >run a hot after the change so I could use it as my basis in a restore.
> >
> >The real question in my mind is ... What does the APP do with the dates.
> If
> >you've got a time finder
> >type app, you may need some data cleanup scripts to make sure
> calculations
> >done on the stored
> >data come out right....person clocks in at 7:00 and out at 5:00, that 7
> may
> >need to be brought forward
> >to get the overtime off the clock, for instance. Someone else mentioned
> an
> >accounting issue if
> >invoice 2 goes out before invoice 1. These sorts of issues need to be
> >discussed with "power users".

This one in particular is fun to argue with accounts/purchasing people. Even when they have valid date and time data, they start getting really antsy (sp?) when you say "the invoice number is just a unique identifier, it has no inherent meaning". I should take the digital camera with me next time so I can take a snap of the cherry-red colour their face goes :-)

(Of course, this assumes that the accounting system handles the very date/time problem you're trying to tackle :-) ).


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