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RE: shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown imm

From: Connor McDonald <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 01:48:21 -0800
Message-ID: <>

<long response>

My opinion that shutdown abort is totally safe is based on this:

The only thing that matters in the database is redo logs. Everything else is "optional" - ie it could be recovered albeit with difficulty (eg you can recreate a controlfile from scratch if you really have to, and datafiles can be recovered as long as you have all of the required redo stream). In fact, datafiles themselves can be thought of as simply "performance enhancement" - ie you could (theoretically) run all your queries by trawling through all the redo that has even been recorded in the db; the datafiles simply are an "aid" to improve the performance of this.

And redo log operations are synchronous and "atomic" from Oracle's perspective - something is either in them or its not, there is no "maybe". shutdown abort has no bearing on the synchronicity of redo operations and hence is totally safe...

...BUT...does this mean 'abort' mode should be for every shutdown - well this depends on your circumstances. Most cluster software will deem 'shutdown abort' as catastrophic and invoke all sorts of failover routines - so maybe abort is not the way to go in these cases. Similarly, the cold backups around a db upgrade should not be done via shutdown abort, because those redo logs (which are so critical) might undergo a structure change.

So my 'mandate' (for lack of a better term) is for those rare occasions when you actually need to shutdown a database, you should issue a checkpoint, then a shutdown abort


Connor McDonald

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