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RE: shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown imm

From: Christopher Royce <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:03:47 -0800
Message-ID: <>

shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown immediateI would have to agree with Rich ....... For years I have been using startup force restrict, shutdown normal prior to cold backups .... with the assumption that I want a completely 'static' and normal shutdown prior to the backup. Because of applications that maintain persistent connections, daemons that re-connect, etc. etc. that do not 'let loose' of the database ..... I have on numerous occasions had shutdown immediate 'hang'. I believe the operative process is the startup force restrict that enables auto-recovery and then the normal shutdown. I have never had an subsequent problems. Why chance any anomalous conditions that could be introduced to the recovery process or rebuild of a database.
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You are assuming that shutdown immediate is a fix amount of time. If there is a lot to rollback it may take longer to rollback (via shutdown immediate) than the parallel crash recovery (the startup after a shutdown abort). It depends on the system. The question was why is immediate better than abort? I wanted to challenge the assumption that it is not safe to do an abort. You are relying on Oracle's recovery mechanisms which I have to assume are reliable. It is after all one of the reasons I prefer Oracle.


  I'll agree with you only on the basis that shutdown immediate sometimes hangs and in those cases it is quicker to do the abort/start/shut normal combination. However, based on a quick review of my logs from last night
(cold backup), I see the shutdown immediate took about 12 seconds. The
following startup (which needed no recovery) took about a minute.

  Had I used the shut abort technique, I expect I would have seen, let's say 5 seconds for the shut abort, 60 seconds or so for the startup restricted, then about 12 seconds for the shutdown normal.

  Hmmm. Doesn't seem so cut and dried to me. I think I'll keep using my shutdown script that tries shutdown immediate and only does the abort, etc. if immediate takes too long. At this site, the shutdown immediate only seems to fail about once a month. I can live with that unless someone comes up with a more compelling reason why the shutdown abort is better than a shutdown immediate. So far, all I've seen is the argument that shutdown abort is not evil -- I'm not one who thinks it is evil, I'm just not convinced that it is somehow better.
  Kevin Kennedy
  First Point Energy Corporation

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    From: Gesler, Rich []     Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 11:14 AM     To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     Subject: RE: shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown imm

    I don't necessarily agree that shutdown immediate is quicker. If you force a checkpoint prior to the shutdown abort the subsequent crash recovery upon startup is usually pretty fast. Parallel recovery could be a factor as well.

      For openers, shutdown immediate is generally quicker than the combination of shutdown-abort/startup-restrict/shutdown-normal. It is also gentler. Consider the analogy of shutting down a Windows desktop computer. Is it preferable to do a standard software shutdown (and maybe tell Windows that you really want to end that hung process) or is it preferable to yank the plug out of the wall then plug it back in again, start up the machine, then shut it down gracefully? I always try to shut Windows down gracefully and only pull the plug when the damn thing is too stupid or brain dead to figure out what shutdown means. I do the same with Oracle.

      Kevin Kennedy
      First Point Energy Corporation

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        Subject: shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown
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        > From: April Wells []
        > The solutions (the ones that I got) aren't good ones.
        > Shutdown abort/startup restricted/ shutdown immediate... (a 'VALID
        > solution'???)

        This might be a naive question, but why is
        -> shutdown immediate
        better than
        -> shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown normal ?

        (That is assuming of course that no user / job will try to sneak in
after you do the startup restrict)
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