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Re: shutdown abort / startup restrict / shutdown vs. shutdown imm

From: James J. Morrow <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 13:34:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> April Wells wrote:
> Yes, I WHOLE heartedly agree, and we do a shutdown immediate now, but the
> point is... Oracle SUPPORT seems to be of the opinion that rather than trying
> to figure out what is 'wrong' we should just do a shutdown abort it 'Is a
> valid solution'. I'm guessing there IS a REASON it is doing this... and that
> it is only doing it in one of my three financials instances CONSISTENTLY...
> and NOT the one that was the source of the recent clone.
> ajw


April --

Yes, this is a valid "work-around". And, No, in _my_ opinion, this should not consider the problem "solved". There is (obviously) a bug somewhere that is causing the instance to "hang" when you do a "shutdown immediate". That bug should be addressed and/or corrected.

I seem to remember a time when some of the "conventional wisdom" stated that you should ONLY do shutdown abort and NEVER do shutdown immediate. However, when I started digging into the "whys" of this statement, what I was able to come up with was a bug in a particular release of the Oracle RDBMS on HP/UX (I think it was 7.1.3, but I'm not sure). Interestingly enough, the DBA's I was speaking to that *SWORE* you should never do shutdown immediate were all on HP/UX.

So, from my standpoint, (and the stated purpose of each of the shutdown commands), SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE is the correct shutdown. Abort/Startup/Shutdown Normal *will* work in your situation as a valid work-around. However, the bug should still be investigated and corrected.

Have you investigated pro-actively upgrading the RDBMS to a (slightly) more current version? (I'm not suggesting 9i here, but as I recall you're I believe that an exists, just maybe not on AIX).

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