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From: Vergara, Michael (TEM) <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:38:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I just had something like this over the weekend. In my case, the server was trying to run 'dbms_java.stop_server'. There was some mysterious corruption in the stored Java classes that was making this process hang.

If you look at 'ps' or 'top', do you see the client process from svrmgrl running at top speed? If you kill the EMN0 process, does it restart?

I was able to run 'sqlplus /nolog' and 'connect internal' even after the shutdown had started, and I looked at the running SQL. That's how I found this.

If indeed this is the problem, you will need to deinstall and reinstall Java.

Good Luck!

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Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 9:48 AM
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Has anyone experienced problems with Database hanging on shutdown and the only error anywhere is "Restarting dead background process EMN0 " and that appears consistently before the inability to stop the database.

I have created an Itar (which was down graded immediately...) and hunted for answers on metalink. There are two 'solutions' that they suggest. One is to ignore it... if you aren't using Advanced Queuing you don't have to worry anyway... the other is every time you shut down do shutdown abort-startup restricted- shutdown immediate... this will kill all the process (of which at the os level and the DB level the only ones running were Oracle generated processes...

oratest 36146 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:07 ora_qmn0_TEST 
oratest 36384 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:01 ora_smon_TEST 
oratest 36640 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:01 ora_ckpt_TEST 
oratest 37156 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:00 ora_dbw0_TEST 
oratest 37416 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:00 ora_pmon_TEST 
oratest 37672 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:00 ora_lgwr_TEST 
oratest 41404 1 0 05:59:02 - 0:00 ora_reco_TEST 

Has anyone dealt with this successfully? It deals, from what I have gathered, with Java in the database (maybe?).

Thanks in advance for any advice

April Wells
Corporate Systems
Amarillo Texas


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