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ADMIN: Re:RE: Destination address unreachable

From: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:23:26 -0800
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Doug, Kevin and others --

Sorry about getting so many of the returned messages. These "locks" occur when our primary mail server is dealing with spam or viruses on one of our mailing lists. It temporarily shunts mail to a non-mailing-list-aware server so that mail will continue to work, but that server doesn't know anything about mailing lists, so list traffic stops. The primary mail server attacks the spam and/or virus and tries to clean things up so it can restore normal traffic. The fact that you got so many is by pure chance. The times that you would have gotten the lock message in the past 12 hours are:

  Thu Jul 18 08:37 - 08:42  (00:00)
  Thu Jul 18 06:10 - 06:17  (00:00)
  Thu Jul 18 03:11 - 03:17  (00:00)
  Thu Jul 18 02:08 - 02:12  (00:00)
  Wed Jul 17 22:12 - 22:32  (00:00)
  Wed Jul 17 21:12 - 21:17  (00:00)

Depending on how many messages you sent to a list in those timeframes, and how long the locked timeframe was, you would have gotten more bounces. I see a couple of those timeframes were over 10 minutes. Normally the virus/spam filters work to clear the problem and usually finish within five minutes. As you can imagine, we've been hit quite hard in the past few days with viruses, and cleaning them out takes a bit of time.

I'll see what I can do to minimize the occurance of this situation.


Well, I've gotten 7 so far today!!

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Author: "kkennedy" <>
Date:       7/18/2002 9:42 AM

Hi Dick,
Yeah, I got one like this earlier today. Not the same one you forwarded to the list.
Kevin Kennedy
First Point Energy Corporation

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Hey, Is anyone else getting these messages from FatCity?

Dick Goulet

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Date:       7/18/2002 6:20 AM

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