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Re:RE: RE: (Fwd/2)

From: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 08:03:28 -0800
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Well, Let's see. It looked like Win2000 for the most part, acted like Win2000 only better & faster. Their Office look alike package (little different in feel but not functionality) worked like Office2000 just a little faster. And to boot they had a copy of Doom running right off of the Windows CD?!?!?! This stuff is as advertised, Linux for the masses. I was more than impressed by their software distribution model. You pay a single fee for access to the digital warehouse. There's an icon on the desktop access the warehouse, click on a product & it downloads & installs itself by itself unless you want to customize it in some way (like a custom location or you don't want a specific driver). The hardware requirements are lower than Win2K as well. Seriously, although Linux did provide M$ with some competition these guys have REALLY thrown down the gauntlet. I get the $99 to upgrade to Lindows and at least at home Windows is history.

Dick Goulet

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Author: "Jesse; Rich" <>
Date:       7/18/2002 9:46 AM

OK, Dick, you can't leave it at that! What "SERIOUSLY impressed" you, aside from the dirt cheap price?

Rich Jesse                           System/Database Administrator              Quad/Tech International, Sussex, WI USA

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> Mike,
> Apple is still trying to compete with MicroSlop & having
> a hard time of it
> as well. I believe Apple's major problem competing is that
> Magnavox chip they
> remain stuck to. MicroSoft went and let someone else build
> the machines instead
> of doing it all themselves. Therefore you end up with a
> monopoly in software in
> a sea of competing hardware vendors. Panacea at it's best.
> OH DARN, here comes those Lindows folks with their Linux
> based windows
> environment. Darn, someone had to upset the boat sooner or
> later. (Got to play
> with one of those WalMart specials with Lindows on it. I'm SERIOUSLY
> impressed.)

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