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Re: A DBA looks at OAS

From: mkb <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:49:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

No books or tips. Just my recent experience *trying* to install 9iAS R2 (I hope that's what you meant when you wrote OAS).

I downloaded 9iAS J2EE and Web Cache for Solaris and HP-UX.

Oracle recommends about 1GB ram, 1GB swap and lots of free disk space. Anyway, my target Solaris box had 500MB swap, 256MB ram and a 400 MhZ SparcII CPU. Not the ideal platform. On the HP-UX box, I had 3GB ram, a 2 CPU L class machine, lots of swap and lots of disk.

In any case, what I learned is that root privs are vital. Had them on the Solaris box but not on the HP-UX machine. The installs in both cases where fairly standard. I had ran through them quite a few times on both servers. On Solaris becuase of resource issues and HP-UX because of root permission issues.

There are two types of installs. A mid-tier (less config, easier, fewer components) and an infrastructure (more config, more components, needs a database repoistory). I did the mid-tier install in both cases.

Make sure you have JDK 1.3 or later installed.

Before the install for mid-tier in particular, export ORACLE_SID=iasdb even if you do not intend to use a repository or have a database.

I created a separate ORACLE_HOME for my install.

Also, Oracle recommends that you use hostnames, so naming methods should reflect instead of

During the install, you will be asked for a password for the Eterprise Manager website. NOTE IT DOWN!!! You'll need it to start and stop the EM website. Oracle recommends that you start and stop services via the EM website and not the command line and I'll go along with this since I had trouble shutting down services via the command line (sometime it worked and sometime it did'nt).

Also, during the install when prompted to run the script, run as root since this script starts the Apache httpd daemons. These need to be started as root. It does a bunch of other config things aswell. See This is vital since after the install is complete, the installer then configures the components such web cache, OC4J components, Apache config etc. This is the problem I was having on HP-UX, late in the day, govt client, sysadmin has left the building.

Ok, after the install has completed and started all the services (hoepfully), you need to apply all relevant patches. For the mid tier install, install the patch in the following order: patch set
RDBMS bundled patch
Oracle Internet Directory path
Oracle HTTP server patch

You'll see this in the install notes for the patch. Note that the RDBMS bundled patch is slightly different on HP-UX versus Solaris. Just read the instructions carefully if you are on HP-UX. Solaris was a little easier.

After the patch, you can login to the EM website at If the website does not come up, you can start it from the prompt using emctl start|stop|status. Stopping requires password which was entered earlier during install. Password can also be changed using emctl set password <pwd>.

Using the website, you can/start stop other services such as web cache, BC4J, OC4J containers etc.

The default website can be accessed (hopefully) at

Also, you can start|stop the httpd daemons from the command line from $ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl start|stop -ct ohs if the EM website is inaccessible for some reason. Again, Oracle recommends that you do all admin through EM the website.

Similarly, web cache can be started/stopped from the prompt by webcachectl start|stop|status.

Finally, just a couple days ago, we seemed to have trouble starting 9iAS. Seems like some log files had their ownership changed. Don't know how this happened. My guess is some sort of bug. The way I tracked this is tailing the logs while trying to start the server. Since I could'nt get the EM website up, I had to use $ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl start -ct ohs.

Useful logs were:
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/logs/ons.log and ipm.log $ORACLE_HOME/dcm/logs/emd_logs/ and dcmctl_logs/ and of cource
$ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs/error_log and access_log



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