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Re: Weird Windoze 'AT' Behavior

From: James J. Morrow <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:17:03 -0800
Message-ID: <>

You may want to check a couple of things:

  1. Be careful which editor you use. (Consider locating an old copy of the MS-DOS "QEdit" shareware program. It's small, and very clean). Or, use the DOS "EDIT" utility. (If you feel the need for a "windows" editor, notepad is probably your "cleanest" choice.)
  2. DOS sometimes needs an end-of-file marker (Ctrl-Z). Some things won't recognize the last line without it.
  3. Or, if you're a *nix bigot like me, install cygwin ( You'll get a unix-like "cron" utility as well as some decent scripting tools...

"Farnsworth, Dave" wrote:
> I have Oracle 8.1.7 running on NT. I do cold backups nightly and have a batch file that is called by the NT 'AT' scheduler. I recently changed some lines of commands in the batch file and since then when the batch file is executed by 'AT' only the lines that I did not edit are executed.
> If I execute the batch file from the command prompt it works fine. I deleted the job from 'AT' and then entered it back in but still getting this odd behavior of only executing the commands that I did not edit. Our SA's know nothing about 'AT' so they are of no help.
> Has anyone else seen this odd behavior in the 'AT' function in Windoze? I know you find it hard to believe that something can be weird in Windoze. ;o)
> And yes, I am soon planning on learning RMAN and do hot backups. I have the 8i Backup and Recovery Handbook for my reading pleasure. I see the app that is being used going to a 24X7 schedule. Now it is only used during the day.
> Thanks,
> Dave

-- James

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