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Re[2]: Oracle and NAS (more Q's)

From: Robert Eskridge <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 05:58:21 -0800
Message-ID: <>

We wrote our own scripts to manage consistency. They manage the following levels of backup:

  1. Snapshots of datafiles at the primary location.
  2. Standby database at the secondary location.
  3. Tape backup of datafiles at the primary location.
  4. Tape backup of datafiles at the standby location.

BL> How do you do backups?

BL> Do you use RMAN with MML? Do you use NDMP?

BL> Tia.

>>>> 07/16/02 08:28a.m. >>>
BL> Dick,

BL> We're using Netapp F720's to store all our datafiles (production and
BL> test) in a small/medium OLTP environment and are quite happy with the
BL> setup. YMMV.

BL> We run out of two sets of collocated servers. At each collocation
BL> there are at least two filers and at least two servers. The filers and
BL> the servers currently have three 100BaseT network connections. One
BL> front channel and two back channels. Each LAN segment is switched.
BL> Thus any server at a location can connect to any filer at that
BL> location. Datafiles can be spread across filers or spread across BL> channels as performance requires.
BL> The WAFL does indeed write to the nearest available inode and relinks
BL> the inode map.  The unlinked inode is immediately available for
BL> rewrite unless it is a member of a snapshot.  Thus while reserving
BL> unlinked blocks is inefficient from a storage perspective, it is a
BL> factor you get to control by controlling the snapshots.

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