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Re: OT - unix vs linux vs windows - the future

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:43:29 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Thats were you're wrong, i dont use microsoft products, all of my development and presentations that i make are non microsoft products.

for IOUG presentations, requirement is to put them in msword and powerpoint, i convert from star office to those formatrs and have someone proof them so i know the conversion went ok.

so NO I DONT PIRATE software, dont need to since all that i run is free.

And yes feel free to look at the headers of this email, its from mozilla on linux. :)

selling my IT manager is easy on linux, since I'm the CTO of Data Management Consulting, and selling using linux for development is just as easy at client sites.

Outradeious prices absolutely but everywhere i've been they've already had oracle in-house so there was no selling to do.


ltiu wrote:

>Oracle. It's only free during development/education. Charges will be
>exhorbitant when getting production licenses.
>Windows and SQL Server is free too - if you pirate, right? It's what every
>one does : >
>Linux is free but trying to sell this to your IT manager is not.
>On Sunday 14 July 2002 12:43, Joe Testa wrote:
>>I dont think the "classic" unix that you speak of will go away that
>>fast, too many solaris/aix/hpux machines floating around still.
>>I do any development/testing of features on linux, it cost me nothing
>>but the hardware.
>>RH 7.3 downloaded, no cost.
>>technet member 9ir2 oracle downloaded, no cost.
>>it only makes sense.
>>Andrey Bronfin wrote:
>>>hi !
>>>i might start another war , but i can't resist a part of me which wants to
>>>ask :
>>>what do you , seasoned gurus, think of everybody's (as it seems to be)
>>>plans to abandon the "classic" unix for linux ?
>>>In particular , most database vendors (as well as other enterprise
>>>software vendors) name linux as the future #1 platform for their DBs
>>>(especially given the fact that a DB cluster is not rare any more).
>>>It also looks like many development shops shift their efforts to develop
>>>on windows (or , in some rare cases, linux ) instead of unix .
>>>What do you think about this ?
>>>* 03-9254520
>>>* 058-548133

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