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RE: OEM Intelligent Agent and port numbers - How can I assign/configure a port

From: Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:29:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I summarised the ports used by Oracle for our Network support specialist and have copied it below:

Metalink note 69511.1 refers to SNMP and the Oracle agent - hopefully that document or some of the others listed can help you out.

Oracle & TCP IP Ports - for future reference

Oracle uses a number of fixed TCP ports, these include (Metalink note 99721.1 has a more complete list if the ports that Oracle listens on) 1521 / 1526 - used by the Oracle listener as the initial point a client connects to 2481 - the recommended and officially registered listening port for client connections to the Java option using TCP/IP. 2482 - the recommended and officially registered listening port for client connections to the Java option using TCP/IP with SSL.

Client Connections
xyz - ie arbitrary port
In a standard Oracle configuration , when a client connects to the listener, the listener spawns a dedicated connection thread for that client on a dedicated TCP port.

>From Metalink note 125021.1, the server port that is assigned to the client is randomly chosen by the operating system and can't be modified. It can be any free port available that the server determines is not is use by any other software or hardware.
>From note 66382.1, for the port on the client PC, what happens is that the networking software on the client chooses at random, or in sequential order, a valid port (between 1024 and 65535) so the client can send and receive data.

(Metalink notes such as 125021.1, 124140.1, 2084440.6 + 66382.1 describe use of Oracle with Firewalls where one option is to force all clients to share the same singular TCP port - other possibilities include using a Firewall that supports SQLNet / Net8 or using Oracle's connection manager program).

The following are used for SNMP (Metalink note 69511.1) 161 - the Oracle SNMP Master agent needs to work as the SNMP master agent so it works on default port of 161 and SNMP itself gets moved to another port 8161 - the port we have chosen to move Windows SNMP service to

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) ports (from Metalink note 94394.1) 1748 / 1754 - Used under full control by the Oracle Intelligent agent (process that schedules jobs and monitoring events) These ports are used during the discovery process of Oracle services - 1748 is used for basic communication and 1754 is used for file transfer

7771 - The OEM client tools use this to talk to the Oracle Management Service (OMS) processes.
7772 -  The Oracle intelligent agent (IA) uses this to talk to the OMS
7773 - used as a SSL channel to transfer information from the Intelligent Agent to Enterprise Manager framework
1808 - Tools which communicate with the Oracle Data Gatherer use this port for basic communication
1809 - is also used for SSL communication between the client application and the Data Gatherer.
xyz - ie arbitrary port based on availability - Communication from the Data Gatherer back to the Capacity planner is done via a callback mechanism. Capacity Planner will initiate a communication via 1808, and the Data Gatherer will initiate the response back via an arbitrary port, based on availability. "

Bruce Reardon
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Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2002 2:49

We have a third-party application that needs to use the SNMP agent associated with OEM. They want to be able to get to it via a particular port.

We have a port assigned to each database, based on which Oracle version it is running. However, as far as I know, there is not a particular port number associated with the OEM agent. The only way you can designate a particular port number is by going through a particular database.

Is this correct. I looked through the 9.0.1 Installing the Instelligent Agent manual and I don't see any place where it states how you can associate the OEM agent with a specific port number on UNIX.

Does anyone know how I can do this or am I limited to just associating port numbers with databases.


Cherie Machler
Oracle DBA
Gelco Information Network

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