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Oracle on Linux ... Production Strength ???

From: Christopher Royce <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:28:20 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Need Input:

I would like to solicit real life experiences, educated opinions, accolades and criticisms from those of you who have implemented or are considering implementing Oracle on Linux in a business critical production environment.

We are considering both Red Hat and Suse distributions. We have discovered that regardless of the Linux distribution .... support is generally expensive. That is not a particularly 'deal breaker' determining factor .. BUT .. I question the quality of support, the expediency of response and the
'sense of urgency' experienced in the event of a critical application being
down. I am familiar with limited Oracle-Linux implementations but not to the
'industrial strength' degree that has been proposed (but already
implemented) by our requesting user community.

Is there a preferred distribution ???? We already have Red Hat and Suse implementations and will choose one of them as the standard .... 'should we chose to accept this mission'. I believe that both claim to be the preferred distribution by Oracle and that they are 'tier one ports' ????

My initial implementation is Suse 7.2 Enterprise on an IBM NetFinity, 4 cpu, 2 Gbyte (memory) server using a Net Appliance Filer. There are six instances currently up and running. Thus far there have been no occurrences of swapping or i/o bottlenecks .... but then the system has yet to be fully
'stressed' and there are scalability concerns. The USER also wants to put
Oracle 9iAS on the same box - I have managed to delay that for now, pending further research. I have had a couple of worrying episodes where a file system 'filled up' (on the Filer) that completely 'hung' the system .... requiring a full system re-boot. Incidentally the aforementioned NetFinity implementation is 'a given' as the six instances have already been migrated from an aged and de-commissioned HP system. I have inherited the results and there is no going back at this juncture.

Your knowledge, thoughts and wisdom greatly appreciated.

Thnx & OK Bye
"The world has arrived at an age
of cheap complex devices of great
reliability, and something is bound
to come of it." -- Vannevar Bush (1945)

Chris Royce

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