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larry want to take over your e-mai

From: Adams, Matthew (GEA, MABG, 088130) <MATT.ADAMS_at_APPL.GE.COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 08:23:32 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Ok, I just used the subject line to get your attention.
>From today's copy of InformationWeek's daily e-mail.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he wants to exploit the security vulnerabilities and high price of Microsoft's E-mail software by selling customers a new package based on Oracle's database.

In an interview at a meeting of financial analysts at Oracle's headquarters Wednesday in Redwood Shores, Calif., Ellison said the Oracle Collaboration Suite--due this year--will be more secure, reliable, and virus-free than Microsoft's Exchange and Outlook products. And it will be cheaper, he says. "Microsoft has never had to compete on price for Exchange and Outlook, but now they have to compete on price, security, reliability, and features."

Oracle's Collaboration Suite will deliver E-mail via Outlook, but run Oracle 9i as its database, instead of Exchange. Oracle plans to charge $450,000 for 5,000 users, about a third of what Microsoft charges, says Ellison. Oracle's product will let users store documents, E-mail, voice mail, and data files in Oracle 9i, and search for them by date and keyword. "That's [Bill] Gates' long-term strategy, but we have it all now," Ellison says.

Josh Greenbaum, an analyst at Enterprise Applications Consulting, says Oracle still has to prove that it can safeguard E-mail messages and address lists from hackers as well as it protects business data. - Steve Konicki

My gut reaction? I don't think so, not after the debacle know as Oracle*Mail.

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