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Re: ORA-214 on VCS Failover

From: Thomas Day <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 12:10:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I once saw a problem like this on an AIX box. The SA was doing full backups with the Oracle instance up but no users logged on. One controlfile would go out of synch. Not sure if that's helpful to you.

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During Veritas Cluster Failover (Solaris8, Oracle9i, EMC) testing we encountered the following scenario...and it has me stumped!

Database failed over to secondary server...operates without error database up and running
Database failed back to primary server...ORA-214 signalled during ALTER DATABASE MOUNT
This indicates that we have a file that is out of sync (as if we had restored an old version and not done a recovery). In looking at the database files, our 3rd control file had a time stamp from the first failover, where all the other active files (excepting inactive redo logs) had a timestamp from the second failover. Residing on the same disk as the out of sync control file was the file to the users tablespace (users01.dbf) that had a timestamp of the second failover. Once we replaced the bad controlfile with a good one, the database could be mounted and opened.

So, if Oracle could not read all of the control files, why did it even update the first one? If it could not read all 3 controlfiles, why were the individual database files touched?
My understanding of the startup stages don't offer any explanation for this behaviour. Perhaps it is an Oracle bug...


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Author: Thomas Day

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