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Re: What is the point to use "alter database rename file" command?

From: Yechiel Adar <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 05:28:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

The same point of buying a family car to go to work even if you can not do cross country races in it.

The fact that you can not do something does not invalidate the other cases where it is valid.

Yechiel Adar

  Thanks to all who replied...

  I ve solved my problem yesterday but still... by shutdown database.My question was how to move datafiles which are created by default   in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory and when they are in SYSTEM tablespace. On 24*7*356 database it is NOT POSSIBLE to move datafiles (in SYSTEM tbs) on ONLINE database because we can not put SYSTEM tablespace offline!!!!but it is possible for other tablespace!!! So what is the point of having ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE command if we can not rename datafiles which are reside in the system tablespace???


    Tim Gorman <> wrote:

    If you don't mind SHUTDOWN and then STARTUP NOMOUNT in order to run CREATE CONTROLFILE, then the methods are pretty much equivalent. Often, though, uptime requirements don't permit that luxury...      

    If you are using RMAN with NOCATALOG, then CREATE CONTROLFILE can destroy some valuable information also...

      Isn't alter-way at least easier? that's enough.
      and you can do it online.
      and you would not mess up with control files.
      and much faster
      and... nothing more I can think of right now...
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        From: Jalil Zabourdine 
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        Subject: What is the point to use "alter database rename file" command?

        Hi list,
        What is the point to use "alter database rename file"
        command to move datafile? as we will need to update 
        controle file anyway. So why not do the following directly 
        to move datafile:
         - alter database backup contrlfile to trace and modify 
        the location of datafile.
         - startup nomount and run the script inorder to update 
        the controlfile. It works fine...

        So what is the point of "alter database rename file" command?

        Thanks in advance.

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