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Re: 2003 IOUG Meeting

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 16:08:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

like me, rtfm, bwahahahahaha


moving to OT -list :)

Fink, Dan wrote:

>Although it is not cheap to attend IOUG, I agree it is very worthwhile.
>If money is an issue consider:
> 1) Presenting - your conference fee is waived or reduced (for quick tips)
> 2) Volunteering - I volunteered when it was held in Denver and received
>$300 off for being a room monitor for a day
> 3) Sharing hotel room - I prefer the solitude of a hotel room to
>decompress/working on my presentation, but if money is tight, it's not a bad
>way to go. Then again, after sharing a 'room' (about the size of a cubicle)
>at Gorak Shep, Nepal with 2 other men, anything with indoor plumbing is
> 4) Shopping around/staying offsite - I found a significantly better rate on
>a room on Expedia for San Diego. Not sure about Dolphin & Swan...
>Of course, the best reason to spend the money...
> Put a face with all those anonymous geeks who post smart-_at_ss RTFM comments
>on the list...
>Dan Fink
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>If you have the money...
>Scott Shafer
>San Antonio, TX
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>>From: Rachel Carmichael []
>>Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 11:18 PM
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>>Subject: RE: 2003 IOUG Meeting
>>I NEVER get to see every presentation I want to see there. For my
>>money, IOUG is the BEST conference around and more than worth the money
>>--- Stephen Andert <> wrote:
>>>Add to that the cost of getting there (Orlando FL for 2003),
>>>transportation to/from the airport
>>>hotel (4-6 nights at around $200/night depending on what hotel you
>>>some meals (lunch is usually provided, some evening events include
>>>enough food for dinner)
>>>That said, I hope that doesn't scare your company off. IMHO, this is
>>>the best investment you can make in your DBA's. (I can't speak for
>>>developers.) Both years I've gone, I was frustrated because there
>>>more sessions that I wanted to attend that I could since they were at
>>>the same time. This year, there were no sessions that I attended
>>>that I
>>>didn't learn something from. Many of the sessions generated a list
>>>"to do as soon as I get back to the office".
>>>Hope to see you there.

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