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RE: Oracle Applications Development Database Refresh

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 11:13:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>


> I *think* this is 10.7 character.

It would be if your users use a VT terminal emulator to access the application. Be aware though that a combination of Character/Smart client could exist... In this case, it does not matter though as the work that you would do will be the same.  

> I don't believe it is NCA ( isn't that the Java Workstation version?
> You know, the one at Open World that never worked? ;)

If you used any form-type interface within a Browser, then it would be NCA. There are some web based elements though, such as Self Server Web Apps. The difference is that NCA works like a form (Enter/Execute Query for e.g.) while the SSWA is a pure Web-type interface.  

> How would I identify Smart Client?

The Smart Client set consists of the Application (Forms) working off either a 'Client' PC. In most cases, this is via a shared service such as Citrix - on a Windows box in any case. In other words a very thick (smart!?!?!) client.

Scott S - In many cases, the Apps SysAdmin performs the work on the 'applmgr' and related APPS/APPLSYS accounts after the Db/Appltop copy and the DBA is not involved.

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