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Re: Should we upgrade from to 9.2?

From: Michael Sale <oraspecialist_at_YAHOO.COM>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 14:43:22 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Sigh, There are many answers to this question related to the environment you will be deploying into. It sounds like you are actually maintaining many databases. Are all of them really 24x7 (i.e. less than a minute of downtime per year) or can you schedule maintenance in the future that will not affect revenues?

Sticking with 9.0.x means having to jump through more hoops in the end and having to live with any issues you have that you cannot address. 9.2 is really more like 9.0.2 with some features bolted on (closer to 8.0.5 in my opinion).

You'll have a MUCH easier time getting issues addressed with 9.2 over the long haul (> 8 months). But if you are in a true 24x7 shop, and you have an extensive, exhaustive, thorough QA/UAT cycles with realistic loads, and you are willing to live on an unsupportable system with all that you have running now, then you may want to stick with wherever your testing has put you.

In summary, a simplistic view to your situation has you classed into one of two conditions:
1. You do have the ability to patch the
OS/Database/Application, but that is very limited AND
Your test/QA/UAT cycle will be able to complete with the 9.2 db in place:

I would do all I could to go with 9.2, but some situations simply don't allow for it.

Michael P. Sale
Author: Oracle9i on Windows 2000 Tips and Techniques

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