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RE: Runaway threads in on NT/W2K

From: Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 16:13:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>


Can you use pview or pviewer from Resource kit to work out which thread is using the CPU and which ones get left behind. Use v$Process to see which threads correspond to which processes. And tlist will show what the threads were doing last and may shed some light on this.

Stop everything to do with Apps (cman etc) and see if the database still shows the same behaviour. Have you stopped the database service or just the instance - see if stopping the service has any effect.

Hope these ideas help,
Bruce Reardon

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Sent: Friday, 24 May 2002 0:13

We are running Oracle on W2K/NT.

We have experienced a problem while applying Oracle Apps patches that CPU shot to 100% for 4 threads. The weird part is that the patch had aborted so nothing was running in the database. Bouncing database cleared the problem.

Continued with more patches and noticed CPU running at 25% with nothing running. Again bounced database and back to normal.

Latest item we noticed today is that CPU is normal (less than 5%) with no users but we have 40 threads showing in task manager. Did shutdown immediate and count only went down to 30.

Bounced database and now have 12 threads. If connect / disconnect, I see the count go up and then down again.

Looks like Oracle is missing some threads - possibly why during our patching of the Oracle Apps we see CPU out of control.

We have a TAR on this but so far Oracle is lost regarding the high CPU. Especially given that don't have it right now. Hoping the extra threads will point to something.

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