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RE: so when did you switch from NT to unix for oracle

From: Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 16:00:42 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I'd agree that Windows can run reliably - if administered appropriately and the server is dedicated to single (or very few) tasks.

Uptimes of 300 days (whilst not at all earth shattering compared to VMS, Unix and others) are possible and repeatable. Database uptimes of 3 figures are possible and in our case get affected by application upgrades / database configuration changes.

And the above is with NT4.

If you want better uptime use W2K - 1 good reason is that it can (with correct controllers) support adding disks without an OS reboot.

        Sounds trivial for VMS and probably Unix but it can't be done (at least not easily) with NT4.

BUT, While ever the admin believes it won't be reliable it probably won't be.

Joe - did you find the reason for running out of memory? Are they using PQO and 8171x by any chance?

We have had memory issues but they were due to Oracle bugs rather than due to OS (Windows) issues.

There are stable and there are unstable Windows servers / sites. There are also stable and there are unstable VMS (/Unix/...) servers / sites.

Does the site have good Windows admins?
Are they planning on becoming good Windows admins?

If the answer to both of the above is no and they do have good Unix admins then maybe they should consider moving to Unix.

Someone else said Windows can only have 4 CPUs - this is incorrect. It may be that it won't scale linearly above x CPUs (I have never tried) but it can certainly run with 32 (and maybe more).

Bruce Reardon

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Sent: Friday, 24 May 2002 6:55

here we go again - NT bashing.

I will say again, NT is a perfectly fine platform if it is being administered by a competent NT Admin, and it is dedicated to runing only Oracle.

there. I feel better.

Tom Mercadante
Oracle Certified Professional

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Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 4:03 PM

Can you afford non-scheduled reboots? If no, don't even think of NT/2000.

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