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RE: rman

From: Mandal, Ashoke <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 07:18:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Fawzia,  

It looks like the logs have been reset in the database. Either controlfile has been rebuilt or incomplete media recovery was done on the database.  

My feeling is that at this point you need to reset the database and have new incarnation. Then you can change the incarnation to the old one and recover the database up to the point just before the resetlog was done.  

You should be able to see the date from v$database when last time the resetlog was done on the database.  

Good luck,

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Please can you help/advise with an rman problem we are having. We are getting the following error when trying to backup a database:  

RMAN-20011: target database incarnation is not current in recovery catalog  

If I look in the rman logs I see that our last valid backup was 16th May. The rman database shows that the rc_backup_file has an entry for that date- anything after that is blank.  

Metalink has provided a solution to zero the dbid- what are the implications of this- it gives no information on that. The additional aspect is that I need to restore the 16th's backup onto our ref box so if zeroing the dbid will hose that backup..I'd rather avoid that??!!! : )  

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!!!  



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