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RE: list of events

From: Cary Millsap <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 06:58:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I believe the oraus.msg file isn't distributed at all with Oracle for Windows; only the .msb (binary).

Cary Millsap
Hotsos Enterprises, Ltd.

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You can use the oerr facility on Unix to look at the events... I don't know if
that file exists under Windows, I vaguely recall a conversation on the list a
while ago where people were saying it didn't. I know that I downloaded the file
from my Unix box to my PC so I'd have a copy.

Anyone out there with a Windows installation who can check this please?

And, in any case, the file just tells you what the event name is:

bash$ oerr ora 10053
10053, 00000, "CBO Enable optimizer trace" // *Cause:
// *Action:
bash$ oerr ora 10046
10046, 00000, "enable SQL statement timing" // *Cause:
// *Action:

and doesn't give you much other information. I'd love to see an Oracle doc just
on these events....



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Actually, error messages between 10000 and 10999 are events (i.e. 10046, 10053 etc). In 9i there are some new events in the 297xx range as well.


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actually that's the list of error messages, not events

and it's not under the admin directory in any case the path to the error messages is:

(See attached file: ESPN_Disclaimer.txt)

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