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RE: Pro-C differences VMS to Unix

From: Stephen Andert <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 10:03:23 -0800
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They are using the PREFETCH option with mixed results between 8.1.6/8.1.7 and I have a TAR open for why it's not working in 8.1.7. (There is a bug) I also have another message on the list about determining the version of the client. Using the way Jeremiah suggested (strings $ORACLE_HOME/lib/ | grep "^Version [7-9]") is consistently telling me even for Oracle Homes that I know have been patched to Does the 8173 patchset not patch some things? Or do some things (like the strings command above and sqlplus /nolog) not report version to the 4th place?  


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One new thing you can do with PRO*C 8i is to use the The PREFETCH Precompiler Option if your application is processing a lot of data in a sequential manner (and you don't already do bulk fetches)  

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Hey all,  

I know there are developers lurking out there as well as dba's that have a great deal of development experience that could help me to help our developers on this project.  

We have an old application that is running on a VMS machine. The Oracle version there is 8.0.5. Our development group is porting this to Unix (Tru64 5.1). We are planning on deploying this with Oracle version as the client. The database in test is currently and production will be upgraded to soon.  

The question I have is this: The development VMS and Unix machines are comparably equipped, but application performance from the VMS machine is much better than from Unix. There have been no changes to the application other than being recompiled in the new OS. What can anyone tell me about changes that should/could be done to improve performance when moving from VMS (Oracle 8.0) to Unix (Oracle 8.1)?  

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.  

Stephen Andert

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