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RE: Oracle Gold Support

From: Post, Ethan <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 15:02:02 -0800
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I completely agree with the quick answer voice thing. I wish we did more of that here. There was a message board "cool boards" or something that had message boards with an ActiveX control that allowed you to speak into your microphone and post a message. You could also type stuff with the message. I developed my own tool that allowed me to basically do the same thing accept that it automatically uploaded the audio file to my web site server and inserts a link into my email document. I would show you here but the program is at home. It would be really cool if you could just hit a button and play back an entire thread back. Trouble is most people just won't use this kind of stuff, most are too shy I think. Personally I hate typing! - E

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OK, I'll hereby try to come up with the (so far) longest and most boring response on this topic:

PART 1: The DogmaSupport Doctrine

I worked in Oracle Support from 1990 to 2000, three of the years as team leader for RDBMS Support in Denmark and three more as damager of a bunch of people in Premium Services. So it's not that I don't like the folks in Support or don't understand them.

We, too, hear a lot of complaints about the "iTAR, iHope, iPray" system from the customers. The problems with iTAR's as opposed to human contact is not just response time, but also the ability to just discuss something or get a yes/no from a human voice in the other end of the line. That's what we prefer in many other situations in life. That's what we prefer in certain computer-related situations, too....

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